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Anna's testimony

Another wonderful outcome from TRTP

The client came in to me in ‘my darkest hour’ with issues such as:

  • She hated getting out of bed, and often couldn’t;  

  • Had no motivation to do anything

  • Was isolating from people because she wasn’t as good as them;  she liked being anonymous and invisible

  • Couldn’t have friends or family for a meal – too stressful.

  • Was fighting with husband

  • Was always anxious and couldn’t achieve anything

  • and on top of all that, was feeling guilty for feeling all of this.

After four sessions,

  • She now can’t wait to start her day – there aren't enough hours in the day to do what she wants to do

  • She is happier than she has ever been and is laughing so much more;

  • Her relationship with her husband is so much better.

  • She has come to the place where she no longer needs to push herself to please

  • If the family come over, they get what they are given and she (and they) are happy with that.


She is excited about her future because her past is no longer dictating who she is.

Other clients have said:

  • Thank you so much for patiently guiding me through the sessions so smoothly. You are terrific at what you do and I believe that it will touch and transform many people.

  • Helen made me feel wanted, she never judged.

  • Helen's counselling skills protected me in all areas.

  • Having never had much faith in counselling or felt that I would benefit from it, I am so thankful that I was wrong.

  • Helen helped take me from a negative deep depression to a positive controlled mind.

  • Helen was very good at teasing out things that have affected me and getting me to open up. I feel much more confident in myself and my approach to life 

  • I would recommend Helen to anyone and if I need further counselling in the future I will definitely go to Helen as the first port of call.

  • I would say we established a bond very quickly and Helen understood me and my needs after the first couple of sessions.

  • I am coping so much better with anxiety and stress. I regained my confidence and self-esteem and also changed my way of thinking.

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