Counsellor and
TRTP Practitioner

I am a qualified counsellor and also a qualified TRTP™ Practitioner. TRTP™ is a modality that can resolve those triggers, caused by distressing events in your life, usually in 3 - 4 x 2-hour sessions using the imagination and with no need to revisit those events.


When you are feeling that life is getting the better of you, that's the time that you need help. With an online business, your location/ country of residence is not an issue, however it is a requirement that you speak English.

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In working with my clients, I guide them in moving forward and helping them in aligning their lives to their purpose and vision, as well as growing their relationships.

My heart for many years has been to see change in the hurting lives of others and my qualification in Counselling and Family Therapy as well as TRTP, has equipped me to not only fulfill this dream but to be able to do it in a professional manner.


​My practice has been online since 2018, however I do have access to rooms in Halls Head Western Australia, if local clients prefer. 

The online option gives not only greater flexibility, but is also more convenient time-wise for both client and therapist. It also does away with the need to find a therapist in a particular area, and so is accessible world-wide (time zone differences allowing).


I come from a background of teaching, business and training prior to becoming a counsellor, have have been working with people for much of my life which has given me a solid grounding in people skills.

I am also qualified in Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, and Disaster Mental Health.

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Helen Buckle MACA Level 1.

TRTP Practitioner
Disaster Mental Health.
Mental Health and
Suicide Prevention.