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What is counselling?

​​Counselling is a comprehensive approach that involves the whole person - body, soul and spirit.

The main approach I use is TRTP™, which is a simple and comprehensive, step-by-step process which resolves  trauma and distressing issues – anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, PTSD – in three steps which usually involves three to four sessions. 

Listening, hearing and resolving trauma

Some other counselling modalities I use are psychodynamic (insight from the past), experiential (feelings), cognitive behaviour (mind), strength-based, ACT, family and relationship therapy. I integrate these as we look at the past and the present; I consider your family of origin influences; your feelings; your thought patterns and your communication skills with the view of finding restoration and wholeness of self. 

A world-view is like a pair of glasses, with the lenses determining what is seen. I counsel from a Christian world-view which informs you of the value I place on people and their purpose in life, and on how forgiveness releases us from hurts. I also value your own world-view and look forward to facilitating your growth toward becoming your true self rather than the person society or others and maybe even yourself, thinks you are.

Plumbline Counselling Services is a safe and confidential space for you to work through your distressing events. Zoom is the main way of counselling - I have been doing it this way for almost 4 years - and you will have a link to your own exclusive Zoom room.

This is a safe, confidential place for you to share
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