What is counselling?

Counselling is a comprehensive approach which involves the whole person - body, soul and spirit.

The counselling modality I use is comprehensive and integrative, using psychodynamic (insight from the past), experiential (feelings), cognitive behaviour (mind), and medication (when indicated by your GP) approaches to counselling. It looks at the past and the present; it considers your family of origin influences; your feelings; your thought patterns and your communication skills with the view of finding restoration and wholeness of self. 

A worldview is like a pair of glasses, with the lenses determining what is seen. I counsel from a Christian worldview which informs you of the value I place on people and their purpose in life, and on how forgiveness releases us from hurts. I also value your own worldview and look forward to facilitating your growth toward becoming your true self rather than the person society or others and maybe even yourself, thinks they are.

There are many methods of counselling and the integrated model that I use includes such things as:-

Systemic: a family systems approach that looks at where you fit in the context of your family system. It helps us understand the family emotional processes and unresolved family of origin issues.

Psychodynamic: this involves insight into the past by constructing a genogram to map generational patterns.

Experiential: this is to do with emotional awareness of self and what is going on in and  around you. It helps you to explore and express your feelings in a healthy  manner.

Cognitive-Behavioural: this is the process of cognitive restructuring which is retraining  the mind to deal with false beliefs and irrational thinking patterns.

Strategic (communication): this is about actively working with the individual or family to find solutions to their problems, with special emphasis on improving family  communication.

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